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Mary is a Warm and Lovely Professional, Highly Recommend  I was pretty nervous about my first appointment. Mary was very reassuring, explained things clearly, and the office was so clean and professional that my fears were put to rest. I just had my third appointment and the experience felt quick, efficient – it felt as straightforward as any other health procedures. And the benefits – oh, so lovely to get cleaned out! – Wendy N., Boulder, CO

Felt Comfortable and Cared For  Having never done a colonic before, I admit to having some apprehension about the experience. Mary quickly put me at ease with her down to earth and reassuring presence. It was an easeful, pain free experience. I felt wonderful afterwards. I look forward to coming back. – Swami Osokananda, NY

Awesome Experience, Felt So Much Better  Best decision I could have made. Felt 100% better and the entire experience was very friendly and professional. – Dr. Mike Parrish, Erie, CO

Always Cleansing!  My visits to Wellspring are always calming. Even though most people don’t think having a colonic can be peaceful, it is. Mary is wonderful and will help you in any way she can or give you all the alone time you need. I always feel I am ready to start eating healthy again after visiting Mary. I am glad I found someone I feel comfortable with and trust! – Debbie H., Boulder, CO

Great Experience  I had never tried this before and Mary was a great person to do it with. She made me feel very welcome, and explained everything in detail and made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend this place. It was much easier than I thought it would be. – Jeanne W., Longmont, CO

Best Ever!  Mary is amazing!! So professional, patient, kind and caring. Beautiful office – clean and relaxing!!! – Heather D., Red Bank, NJ

I went for my first colon hydrotherapy session ever not quite knowing what to expect. Mary made it comfortable, educational, and quite beneficial. Everything is set up for maximum comfort. Mary offers whatever degree of privacy or support that you desire. Ultra clean, super inviting, and very professional. A wonderful, health supportive experience.
– Glenda W., Denver, CO

I had my first colonic ever at Wellspring with Mary and must say it was a very interesting and pleasant experience. I also really appreciated the peaceful cozy atmosphere of her place and her nice personality I’m a 64-year-old woman and on Day 5 of the “clean gut” program (Dr. Alejandro Junger) and he suggests doing colonics during the cleanse. I am going back in 2 wks! If you want a higher quality of health do a cleanse and see Mary.
– Cristina A., Boulder, CO

I am so impressed with the knowledge and professionalism that Mary brings into my appts. The facility is very clean, and I have never felt rushed. Mary is very comforting and easy to talk to with any questions or concerns you might have. I will not go anywhere else. I truly feel Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy is the best around. I have been to other facilities, and they do not compare to the quality of equipment, the ability to clean a little if needed, and Mary’s professional experience. I look forward to coming in every time!
– Maren S., Nederland

Mary is so knowledgeable and very helpful. She goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. The place immaculate. I have been using Mary for lots if years. She is the best in the business.
– Liz W., Westminster, CO

Mary was incredible! Her knowledge and expertise were very comforting and made a really uncomfortable procedure very relaxing. The treatment room was clean, warm and inviting. After the procedure, I experienced zero discomfort and the follow through was excellent.
– Marie B., Longmont

I found my visit to Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy to be gentle, safe and beneficial. Everything about the environment was spotless and welcoming. if you have any doubts about why you are here and how it will help you, Mary will explain the benefits of the process and make you feel comfortable. Her Angel of Water System equipment is top notch and her experience is evident. You can feel confident that your experience with Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy will be a positive way to bring in a happy and healthy 2015!
– Barb W., Boulder

Having a colonic has never been this easy or comfortable. Going in with a bit of an uneasy feeling because I’ve had colonics before, I found Mary to be professional and also very informative about how to get the best result out of this. She made it comfortable for me. I highly recommend getting colon hydrotherapy for your health, and going to Mary Wasinger at Wellspring when you do. She’s the best I’ve found yet.
– Thomas A., Louisville

I am fortunate to travel extensively. I have been blessed to have found Mary at Wellspring in Boulder. She is very caring about my health needs as a professional and as a friend. She is a person who is irreplaceable in this world and I look forward to each appointment…as do all of her clients.
– Nancy D., Chicago

“Very soothing environment”
– D. Keys, Lafayette, CO

“Thank you very much for the treatment and for making me feel comfortable and at ease. You have been so gracious and kind. I really like all the little nice décor and details that you have to make a wonderful customer experience. The treatment space was so clean and environment so pleasant. I was impressed.”
– T. L., Broomfield, CO

Mary Wasinger’s work changed my life. It really is as simple as that. I am in my early 50’s and things were not moving so well through my body as they used to! Doing a cleanse and accompanying colonics with Mary got everything SUPER cleaned out, resulting in 15 pounds of weight loss and a vibrancy I haven’t felt in years. I also noticed a healthier relationship to what and how I eat. Mary’s clinic is IMMACULATE, peaceful, and safe. Mary is a delightful, caring, wonderful person. Thank you, Mary, for returning me to health!
– Cindy M., MSW, Boulder, CO
Speaker, Counselor-at-large, and Author of “Priestess Entrepreneur: Keep your Soul Surviving as your Business is Thriving”

I highly recommend colon therapy at Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy. I’ve been a client for several years now. Throughout this time, Mary Wasinger has always been friendly, helpful and professional. It is apparent that she is knowledgeable about colon health and committed to helping her clients optimize their overall health and well-being. The detoxifying effect of going for colonics on a regular basis aids me in my overall plan to optimize my own health. Mary, many thanks for your compassion and commitment to others’ health and well-being.
– Pamela L., Boulder, CO

As a medical doctor , I am very attuned to another health provider’s level of courtesy, professionalism and quality of care. And Mary Wasinger at Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy is a professional I hold in high regard – she knows her field well and she provides her services in a warm, friendly manner, putting you at ease. In addition, the beautiful decor adds to an overall positive experience.
I highly recommend Mary to anyone considering colon therapy and other approaches to gut health.
– Susan O., PhD, MD

I have utilized the services of Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy for many years. I would be the last guy on the planet to recommend just any colon therapy treatment or colon therapist. Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy has consistently provided me with a relaxed and comfortable therapeutic experience. I always leave the office feeling much better then I had for weeks prior to my visit. I strongly believe that colon hydrotherapy works, and it will both restore your health and increase your vitality. When you add Mary’s caring, experienced and knowledgeable management into the mix you will not find a better colon therapy experience at any price, or at any other location!
– Monty B., Longmont, CO

Mary’s work is healing on so many levels. Her sensitivity to her clients is so reassuring. Her professionalism, her vast knowledge of health and well-being mixed with her delightful insights and humor always create a safe, supportive and relaxed environment. I look forward to my treatments with Mary as it makes me feel like I have gone to a “spa” for my inner health!
– Lee C., Boulder, CO

Colon cleansing and hydrotherapy have profoundly improved my life experience. Mary’s vast knowledge, support, and easy humor make a visit to Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy a true gift to the self.
– Bonnie B., Boulder, CO

Every visit to Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy has proven to be relaxing, informative, and regenerative. I know I’m getting the best up-to-date information regarding colonics, cleansing, and digestive care and my health has dramatically improved with your help. Thank you, Mary.
– Allison S., Denver, CO

Mary started me on a path of awareness and opening into the extremely important health benefits of colonic cleansing. The obvious is clear. The not so obvious is the removing of emotional and energetic blockages which are manifest within the physical body. Mary is a healer. She is holistic and sees/feels the big picture. She is helping to resurrect a known method of optimal health from the wisdom of thousands of years of experience from other cultures more astute about health. Thank you Mary!
– Ann R., Boulder, CO

As I age I find the services Mary provides more and more helpful. Maybe, another way of saying it is that as I slow down, I ‘slow down.’ Mary’s clinic is so clean and the methods she uses are so consistent that I trust each time I will leave feeling significantly better.
– Aubrey L., Boulder, CO

The benefits have been way beyond my expectations and Mary is an exceptional practitioner. I feel safe and nurtured in her care.
– David B., Boulder, CO

I not only have my health back, I have my joy back. Thank you for being here for me.
– Anita D., Boulder, CO


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