More Testimonials

Great! Great customer service. Mary is very helpful and takes the time to make you comfortable and explain everything.

Excellent Service and Facility  Mary is extremely knowledgeable and helpful to anyone beginning this service. Her facility is also very comfortable. I would definitely recommend Wellspring for your hydrotherapy needs.

Highly recommend Mary  I have been seeing Mary for many years. She is very competent, professional and friendly. Her space is impeccable, which matters a lot to me when it comes to colonics. I have truly realized the benefit of regular colonics and find Mary’s equipment to be very comfortable. I highly recommend her.

Great Experience It took quite a bit to get my colon thoroughly cleaned out and it has helped a lot. Mary has been so kind and helpful in every way and makes one comfortable being in her treatment. I have already recommended her to friends, who were very interested in Colon Therapy and it’s benefits.

Excellent Facility The space is spotless, thoughtful amenities abound and Mary is gentle and knowledgeable. Definitely five stars.

Great Service  I love this place! Mary is so easy to work with and the office and rooms are super clean! It feels like a doctor’s office. I highly recommend her services! Get the package deal and save!

Amazing Grace  Many years ago, I had a miserable experience with colon hydrotherapy, and had no interest in trying it again. But last year some friends gave me a gift of hydrotherapy with Mary, so thought, “What the heck.” Wow, am I glad I gave it another shot and was guided to be treated by Mary! She has created a space where people in a vulnerable state feel safe, cared for, and treated with respect. Now whenever I’m in Boulder, I make it a point to see Mary at Wellspring.

Perfect  Mary has created the perfect atmosphere for release. It is clean, serene, private and nurturing. The Angel system she uses is top notch and very easy, comfortable and effective. I would highly recommend Wellspring to anyone looking for a colonic.

Excellent Experience  Mary made the experience at Wellspring comfortable and relaxing. She is highly knowledgeable and imparts that knowledge in a calm manner. Her compassionate and healing energy makes colonics at Wellspring an excellent experience. Great facility, great equipment, and even better service.

Great!  Mary is so kind and professional, and knowledgeable. Her business is very clean and peaceful. She helped make my experience very comfortable.

Colonoscopy prep done right  Preparing for my colonoscopy, I was faced with drinking that horrible prep, again. I found Mary at Wellspring to help get me ready for this next colonoscopy. She recommended two treatments instead of the one that I had for the last colonoscopy. She helped me learn the equipment and was attentive during the treatment. After my colonoscopy I asked the doctor how clean my colon was. She said it was great. Thanks Mary for making this difficult process a success!

Great service and welcoming environment!  Mary at Wellspring was incredibly warm, welcoming, and professional. While colonics have the potential to be an uncomfortable experience, Mary made me feel quite at ease. I would give this business the highest recommendation!

Colon Hydrotherapy has been one of my greatest tools in healing the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body. I recommend this safe and comfortable method of cleansing to anyone interested in creating vibrant health! Thank you, Mary!

Great Experience! I will be back!   Mary is absolutely wonderful and makes the process very comfortable. Already booked more appointments! Thanks!

Exceptional across the board!  The atmosphere is very pleasant and peaceful. I was treated with kindness and respect, and all of my needs were absolutely taken care of. I am very grateful to have a place like Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy to go to for my healing and detox needs.

Relaxing and Professional!  Wellspring is a very beautiful setting and I actually felt relaxed and pampered with comforts during my session! I was also given a lot of privacy which is what I wanted. Mary did a great job of explaining everything to me so that I felt confident and comfortable. I definitely recommend Wellspring as a clean and relaxing environment, and Mary for her professionalism and for making me feel very at ease and well cared-for.

First Timer  This was the first time for me getting a colonic and Mary was the calming professional that I needed. She is highly educated and uses her knowledge to quell any fears I had. The entire experience was relaxing from when I walked into her practice to when I left. I will return because of the benefits of the procedure, I feel better, and because of Mary, she is a gem!

Professional  From the moment I stepped into her calming, comfortable and clean office I knew I was in good hands. This being my first colonic I was a little apprehensive. Mary totally put me at ease with her thorough explanation about what to expect, to how the hydrotherapy machine works all in a professional and caring way. Highly recommend Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy to anyone new to this procedure for a comfortable and relaxing first time colonic.

Very Relaxing Treatment Mary is a treat! She’s energetic, confident and loves what she’s doing here. She has a beautiful office – all very warm, stylish and clean. She made me feel comfortable and safe for my treatment with ease. And it was a great treatment! Gentle and thorough. I’ll go back any time I feel the need. So glad she’s here!

Great Place for Colon Hydrotherapy  Mary’s office is very clean, well lit, and comfortable. She checked in on me just the right amount during the treatment and offered some gentle massage to help “move things along” as it was needed.

Amazing support for self-care! Wellspring is integral for my overall health and well-being. I recommend that my clients utilize Wellspring as part of their wellness routine. Mary’s office is professional and fastidiously clean; she is knowledgeable and helpful, leaving her clients feeling comfortable and at ease.

Great experience  Felt very comfortable the entire time, everything was explained very thoroughly. First time doing a colonic, will be going back again!

Fabulous I have nothing but wonderful things to say ……clean, supportive, easy, all good. I recommend Mary and Wellspring completely.

Thanks Mary’s experience and wealth of knowledge is what drew me to her. She has a welcoming spa like environment with amazing equipment which is beyond clean. She is attentive to detail while still providing privacy. I would highly recommend her is anyone

Great colonic service!  Wellspring was extremely clean, elegant and compassionate service. I will be back and highly recommend it-I’ve been to other systems such as the Libbe, and the Angel of Water system is definitely the best!

A great cleansing experience  If you are considering checking out Colon Hydrotherapy, this is a great place to start. Even the hydration alone is so refreshing to the body, and its overall so cleansing, and it feels like a gift to have this experience. And Mary and the office are wonderful – clean, warm, professional.

So professional!  Mary, her office and her systems are very professional and she sets you at ease with the process. This was the easiest colon hydrotherapy I’ve experienced from several therapists over the years. So glad I found her!

The best!  Mary is experienced, caring and professional, and on top of that she’s an absolute delight to work with. You can’t do better!

Great experience!  Mary has a wonderful system set up and she runs it with care and consideration. Very highly recommended!

Personal, nurturing, and insightful  I felt Mary took the time to discuss my health very thoroughly and address my needs with expertise. What a wonderful healer she is!

Very pleasant experience  It was my first colonic ever. I highly recommend Mary and her treatment space. I felt very taken care of the entire time. Top notch!

Professional, personalized, and informative  I enjoyed the relaxing session for many reasons. the clinic is clean and friendly, in fact you are greeted by a tiny dog whose tail wags 1000 mph, with a personality to match. The owner is informed and easily explains any questions you have. The colonic machine is state of the art with control  s that you use for a personalized experience. The only issue is that your colonic seat is upright to a degree which put some strain on my tail bone. At the end, a toilet bidet was very nice.

Highly Recommend  I need to do somewhat regular hydrotherapy to maintain my biosystem, and I have tried several practitioners in the Denver/Boulder area. Wellspring is my preferred provider by far – I love the Angel water system, and Mary is wonderful. The environment is incredibly clean and well presented, you can make appts. easily online, and there is easy parking and access. Her prices are incredibly reasonable. If this is your first time or your hundredth time, I would recommend trying Wellspring.

First time – Wonderful experience  I am a certified health coach and professional athlete. My gut health is directly related to many of the issues in my normal life as well as my athletic performance. While food and nutrition are key, colon hydrotherapy is something I always knew would be a great part of my health plan…I just didn’t know who I could trust with such a sensitive issue. Mary is knowledgeable, experienced and has a very welcoming energy that helped me relax. Thank you!

Best experience for a first-timer and beyond!  Very professional, inviting and calming atmosphere and Mary herself meets you where you are; including any potential nervousness. This is very relieving at any time during a process like this, but especially if it’s your first! Greatly recommended!

Great Experience!  I was not sure what to expect but found the experience very fulfilling. Everything from start to finish was professional and relaxing. Very informative and I learned so much too!

Exactly how all hydro clinics should be  Mary is so kind and professional. The clinic is wonderfully clean and inviting. I look forward to more sessions to help detoxify.

Great!  Mary is very kind and conscientious. The office is clean and comfortable. I have enjoyed my experience very much.

Excellent Experience  This was my first experience with colon hydrotherapy, and Mary made the experience easy, relaxed, and calm. The office is very discreet, clean and welcoming.

First timer over here!  This process was way more gentle and easy than I assumed it would be. Mary has a very calm approach. I would absolutely return. Her office is clean and feels welcoming and comfortable. She is very patient and offers a lot of guidance.

Best colonic in Boulder  Mary consistently goes the extra mile to ensure I have a successful colonic. She has created a comfortable space that is welcoming and geared towards health and healing. I would recommend Mary and Wellspring to anyone looking for a positive colonic experience.

Highly Recommend  Being my first time to experience Colon Hydrotherapy, I was uneasy about what the experience might entail. From the moment I walked in the door, Mary put me at ease. The office is welcoming and spotlessly clean. Mary fully explained the procedure and made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. I feel great and even signed up for a second procedure. Mary also help me decide on which probiotic to take afterwards to start my gastrointestinal tract off on the right foot. I will be back.

Fantastic Bodywork  First experience with colonics and I am so grateful it was in this space. Mary is so supportive and patient. Would definitely recommend to first timers like me or people with a lot of experience. Couldn’t have asked for a better setting.

Great!  Colonics are a little awkward, but she was so knowledgeable and very nice and made it a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Wellspring!

Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy  My last hydro therapy was 20 years ago. The experience was awful, in a small, sterile room, But, after meeting Mary I decided it was time for a deep cleanse and hydration. Her equipment is state of the art. Mary truly cares. Her friendly and considerate manner put me at ease immediate. Her office is beautifully decorated with amenities and loving thoughtfulness. I give her a 5 star without hesitation.

Third Visit  Mary is amazing. Admittedly, going in for colon hydrotherapy is a bit of an awkward experience. However, Mary ALWAYS makes me feel at ease. I know that it helps with my dysbiosis, so I am glad to have a warm and inviting atmosphere to help address some quirky issues. Mary and her environment get a FIVE-star recommendation from me!!

Won’t go anywhere else  Soothing atmosphere, comfortable arrangements during the colonic, Mary is wonderful…nothing but good things to say!

Great first experience!  I was visiting Colorado for work and found myself very bloated and constipated. a colleague suggested I try this. The space is very relaxing — it is NOT clinical and for a good reason. In order to fully benefit from this treatment, our bodies need to be able to relax — and if it looks and feels like a doctor’s office, that isn’t going to happen. Mary

Nurturing and healing  Mary is a very nurturing and knowledgeable healing practitioner. Along with her relaxed and caring nature, the lovely environment she has created makes one comfortable and at ease. This healing work is so important and I’m grateful to have found her!

Really wonderful  Mary creates a very comfortable, friendly, and nurturing environment. Mary is very personable and helps me to relax and heal. Thank you!

Highly recommend Mary I was not a big fan of colonics and felt uneasy with them, until I experienced their substantial benefits. The atmosphere Mary creates and her professionalism make the experience much more acceptable than I ever thought it would be. The facility is beautiful, impeccably clean and very professional. All of this adds up to confidence and ease in the process.

Positive Therapy Experience  My first time so Mary was very helpful and respectful in explaining treatment process. Easy and very relaxing! I felt great the rest of the day and today (day after)! Highly recommend this treatment and Wellspring CH!

Wellspring is Wonderful!  Wellspring Hydrotherapy is a wonderful and welcoming environment. Mary is friendly and colonics and provides suggestions and whole health advise. I highly recommend this business.

Great  Comfortable environment. Very clean. Mary is wonderful – very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and answer any questions. Overall good experience.

Excellent  The office is extremely clean and beautifully put together. Mary is very knowledgeable and has a very calm, peaceful presence, as does her office and her officemate Toby the small dog greeter.

A true healing experience  Besides the beautiful office, music, and little dog who greets, I felt that Mary was very professional, she knows what she’s doing. I could tell by the way she massaged me that she had healing hands. They knew just where to go to get things moving. I highly recommend Wellspring.

Colonics  Very professional office, nice first impression and very nice friendly owner. The puppy dog is a great employee too, I think every business should have one!

Great product  Service was excellent, as is the ‘Angel of Water’ system that they offer at Wellspring. They also go the extra step of helping you with herbal and dietary cleanse options, which I appreciated. Also the owner’s dog greets you and is too adorable.

Made an awkward experience really manageable  Mary is discrete, relaxed and helpful. I was a first timer for hydrotherapy and my anxiety about the process disappeared quickly after meeting Mary. She was very helpful! The experience was a turning point in my health and well-being. I highly recommend this place!

Wonderful every time!  Mary’s care and sensitivity to her clients is extraordinary. I have been visiting her center for many years and every time I feel like I am going to a spa to do some truly “deep cleansing”! The space is immaculate and I always feel safe and cared for throughout a delicate and private procedure. I am very thankful to Mary for offering this service and know that it has helped improve the quality of my health and well-being. I always look

Great experience  I’ve become a regular customer at Wellspring Colon Hydrotherapy. The rooms are very pleasant and impeccably clean. Mary is knowledgeable and professional. The method she uses is very comfortable, and she provides warm cushions for the low back and abdomen. Mary is checks in and helps at just the right times. I always feel great after a session.

Second visit  I had my second colon hydrotherapy session with Mary. Again, the experience was very pleasant. She is both kind and knowledgeable. The venue is very clean. Admittedly, it is a bit awkward going in for a colon hydrotherapy session. However, Mary is discrete and mindful of this potentially uncomfortable situation.

Nice place  Mary is a lovely, out of the way hostess and gives great instruction on the procedure. Nice place! Will be back.